(Rev. 1/20)
(To be administered at general courses of instruction required by R.S. 18:431(A))


1. According to law, who shall be allowed to go to the front of the line to cast a ballot at the polls?
A voter who is visibly handicapped
A voter who is late for work
A voter who is accompanied by a child
2. If a commisioner-incharge fails to appear at the polling place before the opening of the polls on election day, the commisioners in attendance shall immediately:
Notify the Parish Board of Election Supervisors
Select a commissioner-in-charge from the watchers present
Notify the parish custodian (Clerk of Court) for a replacement commissioner-in-charge to be sent
3. For what elected offices are voters allowed to cast a provisional ballot?
Governor and other statewide offices
Louisiana State Senators and State Representatives
Federal offices (U.S. President, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, or Presidential Preference Primary)
4. If a voter arrives without any form of photo identification, a commissioner shall:
Not allow the person to vote
Call the Registrar of Voters
Ask the voter to compete a voter identification affidavit and check the identifiers (Date of Birth & Mother's Maiden Name) with the information in the precinct register to make sure it matches before allowing the voter to vote.
5. If on the signature line next to a voter's name there is "ADDRESS CONFIRMATION REQ." and the voter has not voted absentee, which form must be completed?
A precinct register correction
An address confirmation card
A voter identification affidavit
6. Which answer does NOT apply in determining whether to allow a voter to receive assistance in voting?
Allow a voter to receive assistance because he is old
Allow a voter to receive assistance if the precinct register so indicates
Allow a voter to receive assistance if he completes a voter assistance form or presents proof of disability by presenting a physician's certificate, a mobility impaircd card, or letter of disability from Social Security Adm., Veteran's or LA Rehabilitation, paratransit services, or Office for Citizens with Dev. Disabilities or they are unable to read
7. A person marked on the precinct register as "Voted by Mail":
Must vote in person if he is within the parish on election day
Shall not vote in person at the polls on election day
Can vote in person if he desires to do so, and his absentee ballot will not be counted
8. The name of every person who votes at the polling place shall be entered on the poll lists that are kept separate from the precinct register
By the voter
Bv two commissioners
By the watchers
9. If the name of a qualified voter was omitted from the precinct registeror the supplemental precinct register, the commissioner shall:
Not allow him to vote
Take his word that he is a resistered voter and allow him to vote
Contact the Registrzu of Voters or Secretary of State to determine whether or not the person should be allowed to vote and if so, fill out the precinct register correction form
10. In identifying a voter prior to voting, a commissioner shall first request
His Louisiana driver's license, LA Wallet digital driver's license, a Louisiana special identification card, Military I.D., or other generally recognized picture identification card that contains the name and signature of the applicant
A credit card
His voter identification card
11. The Clerk of Court Clear Zipper Bag should contain:
Address confirmation card and a poll list
Official election results reports and machine certificates
Voter identification affidavit and machine certificates
Payroll affidavit and zero proof reports
12. One of the three grounds for challenging a person applylng to vote is
The applicant is not listed on the precinct register
The applicant has not voted in the last four elections
The applicant is not qualified to vote in the precinct
13. Prior to serving at the polling place, a watcher must
Show his driver's license
Present his commission to the commissioner-in-charge.
Produce a letter from the candidate naming him as a watcher
14. If there is a problem with a voting machine, the commissioners shall:
Try to repair the voting machine
Contactthe parishcustodian (Clerkof Court)
No longer use the voting machine
15. No political activity related to items on the ballot is allowed between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.rn. on election day in the following location(s)
within 300 feet of the entrance to any polling place
inside the polling place or within 600 feet of the entrance to any polling place, except on private property
On private property